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​Runtime Error

Poject Info


2 weeks

Team Size

5(2 programmers + 2 artists + 1 sound designer)

Assigned Theme

The guest helps character  A who is afraid of Character B


Meta2, an AR platform

Team Members

Charles Ramsey, Sheng Zhi, Keran Sui, Yang-Che Teng

My Contributions

Game design, gameplay programming, playtesting

Gameplay Video


1. Designed a core game mechanism that can combine the real part in the real world with the virtual part in the virtual world, which emphasized the word 'Augmented'.

2. Designed the interest curve to attract guest's flow and easily understand interaction to help guest 'know how'.

3. Collaborated with artists and sound designer to make beautiful scenes and the music matches the theme of the world inside the computer.


1.Using Unity Animator to control states machine of the character to play animation correctly under certain conditions.

2.Learning and using Meta2 SDK to write the core game mechanism to make the game more interactive. For example, when people gaze on the character A in a certain distance and pay their attention to the character then the game will begin.


Runtime Error is an AR game on Meta2, where a guest uses their hands to overcome obstacles, move the virus and help the character, which is a backup file in PC, to reach his destination, the cloud server. When the files arrived the guest can use the hand to eliminate the virus. In the end, the PC system will reboot. We try to connect the real guest with the AR world to make the part of the human body to become the key element in our world.

Notable Contributions

Design Phiolosophy

I think game design is to convey your design goal to your guest by all means. Our goal in this game is to translate a simple thing in your real life, back up important files under virus attack, to an appealing and engaging world. So we define every operation in the PC as an interaction in our world. For example, moving and eliminating virus is like deleting files and using the body as the bridge is like upload files through the Internet. And we use  8-bit music and cube pipe to represent the digital world. 

Design Problem:Feeling about afraid

It is not so easy to convey an emotion of virtual character to the guest. So we decide to use some simple concept that happens in people's everyday life like PC virus to build the fear concept through guests' heart. Besides story is also a good reason for the guest to feel character's fear, we use some indirect control to attract the guest's attention first then we tell them the story, which makes the story more effective. On the other hand, we use some special tone of the voice and the animation as well to show the fear of the character in a visual way and hearing way.

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