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Ink fish

Poject Info


1 week

Team Size

4(3 programmers + 1 artists)

Assigned Theme

Reality is often inaccurate


HTC Vive

Team Members

Chang Liu, Erhan Qu, Chenchen Tan, Linyao Li

My Contributions

Game design, Gameplay programming

Gameplay Video


1.Designed core game mechanism that apply spatial Phidgets to a foot seesaw and match the rotation of real seesaw with plate in the game. 

2.Designed different physical material of the food to match bounce and fraction just like those food in real world so that the world would be more friendly to be understand.

3.Designed a reward time which will generate foods more frequently and both monster will open mouth to help move the guest's flow condition to knowing how well they are doing.


1.Implemented the scoreboard function so that it will save the score and the names of guests for guests who win the top 5 score with Unity playerprefs API. And use pictures of numbers to maintain the cartoon game theme.

2.Implemented the function to generate food in random position and rondom frenquency by combining the curve function API with the instantiate API.

3.implemented the functon that foods' emotion will changes according to different conditions so that the worlds are more cute.


Teeter Feeder is a PC game with the platform Phidgets, where two guests are helping each other balancing seesaws to move(player1) and rotate(player2) the plate to feed monster with foods comes from the sky. Player 1 will have a surpport to keep balance while player 2 are using palyer 1's body to keep balance, which make thme communicate with each other and rely on each other.

Notable Contributions

Design Phiolosophy

I think the answer of how to make a fun game comes from several points below. First, people prefer to watching others being funny by doing difficult sports like keeping balance. And the ambition to overcome the difficulty will persuade guest to devote whole awareness into the world which would lead to the feeling of fun. Second, social activties is funny, the more fun guest can get from others, the easier the world could be.  

Design Problem:Do not make the game so difficult

At the beginning we design a easy game. Guest only need to feed food into a mouth of a monster so that they only need to focus on picking up food.  While we assumed it would be boring because it is only a repeat process for guest. So we add another monster and the opened mouth will exchange between them. The aim is to make guests busy, while we ignored that they are already busy in control balance. So the game become too difficult to enjoy.

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