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Depth of well

Poject Info


1 week

Team Size


Game Type

endless running game



My Contributions

System design, gameplay programming, playtesting

Gameplay Video


1.Designed core game machanism that palyer use different angle of view to change the shape of obstacles and switch different road for ball so that the ball can pass through.

2.Designed different shapes of obstacles for the core game machanism.


1. Implemented core game machanism by using Unity Collider API, Instantiate API and Lerp API.


Conquer2 is a Unity MMORPG where player can 

Notable Contributions

Design Phiolosophy

I think game design is to convey your deisign goal to your guest by all means. Our goal in this game is to translate a simple thing in your reallife, back up important files under virus attack, to a apealing and engaging world. So we define every operation in PC as a interaction in our world. Forexample moving and eliminating virus is like deleting files and using body as bridge is like upload files through Internet. And we use  8-bit music and cube pipe to represent the digital world. 

Design Problem:Direct response in time is quite significant

It is not so easy to convey a emotion of virtual character to the guest. So we decide to use some simple concept that happens in people's every day life like PC virus to build the fear concept through guests' heart. Besides story is also a good reason for guest to feel character's fear, we use some indirect control to attract the guest's attention first then we tell them the story, which makes the story more effctive. On the other hand we use some special tone of the voice and the animation as well to show the fear of the character in visual way and hearing way.

To be continued...

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