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Conquer 2

Poject Info


1 year

Team Size

34(3 game designer+16 programmer+19 artist)

Game Type




My Contributions

System design, playtesting

Gameplay Video


1.Designed control system and battle system

2.Designed spell and buff system

3.Designed equipment system

4.Designed the monster system

5.Collaborated with artists and sound designer

6.Iterated game by playtesting 


Conquer2 is a Unity MMORPG where player can 

Notable Contributions

Design Process

  • Design battle system

I designed the whole battle system which includes all 25 classes, skill buff system,and control system.

The most significant idea to me is that I implemented swordsmen experiences in games without too many difficulties to be enjoyed by target players.

  • Design equipment system and loot system

I designed the whole equipment system which includes the collective elements and upgrade elements that produces good interest curve for players.

The most significant idea to me is that I implemented the system combine the length of trail with the quality of weapons together, which means the most powerful weapon has the most longest weapon trail.

  • Design monster and BOSS system

I designed the whole monster and BOSS system which includes AI system, skill buff system and BOSS system.

The most significant idea to me is that I implemented the system that how people interactive with the BOSS and how long range monster interactive with players.


Design Problem:Direct response in time is quite significant

I think one of the most important game theory is that players can get direct instance response when they are playing any games. It makes game more like a life and it also produce the flow of the game experience which keeps building expectations and answering expectations by themselves.

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