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Poject Info


1 year

Team Size

35(3 game designer + 17 programmer + 19artist)

Game Type

15 years old MMO RPG 



My Contributions

System design, playtesting


Gameplay Screenshot


1. Designed 3 new classes with different spell resource system to provide players new experience for ARPU and DAU, because every new class will cost player to buy new special weapons. 

2. Designed cross-server Texas Hold'em game for players who want to have a different experience in an RPG. This system attracted tens of thousands of players to play and earned 1.2 million dollars per month.

3. Designed new user interface prototype for the main UI of the game, for every system I designed and for UIs of those systems of the game. I use Axure to make the visual prototype of the UX saving so much time on writing UX process in Microsoft Word and the prototype is quite convenient for the programmer to make UI for games. I learned UX knowledge through this work and get the chance to practice them. Now the UX in the game is all designed by me and made a big effort to attract new players and maintain ARPU and Dau.

4.Designed system for the need of players

5.Collaborated with artists and sound designer

6.Iterated game by playtesting 


Conquer is 15 years old free to play MMORPG set in the ancient orient world. 

Notable Contributions

Design Process

  • Design new classes

I designed three new classes, Epic Monk, Epic Warrior, and Windwalker.

  • Design cross-server Texas Hold 'em


  • Design new user interfaces


Design Problem: How to get money without hurt players

As a free to play MMORPG, it is hard to design a new system because every new system means players have to spend much more money than before, which will lead to the loss of players especially when they find out they cannot get a good game experience without paying to win. 

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