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Poject Info


12 week

Team Size

5(2 gameplay programmers + 1 artists + 1 sound designer + 1 Lead Game Designer)

High-Level Goal

Make a transformational game to demystify AI to the general public


Mobile(iOS + Android)

Team Members

Derrick Pemberton, Jue Wang, Shitong Shen, Yu Li, Zhiguo Lai

My Contributions

Game design, Gameplay programming


Download the game:

Project Website:

Gameplay Video


1. Design a paper prototype about the decision-making process and experience the AI role. The game is about a human player has to work with an AI player to prevent the end of the world.

2. Designed the core game mechanism that player can play as a FaceID AI and a CCTV AI to experience the working process that how AI works. 


1. Implemented gyroscope function to the game as the first core game mechanism and teach the player how the AI works in the FaceID.

2. Implemented UI system so that player can go through the basic game loop smoothly.

3. Implemented NPC spawn and navmesh system so that the player can get unique information from different exact characters.

4. Responsible for the build and publish process of iOS and Android from the Unity project setting to the Xcode setting.


AI or Nay-I? is a mobile game that players take on the role as the minister of technology at a fictional nation. They will examine two cases of facial recognition AI and make their decisions on either approve or prohibit the uses.

Notable Contributions

Design Phiolosophy

Games come from real life. I think a good game can connect the real-life experience with the game content because the game can easily be played and have an effect on the players. So that we begin the game with the FaceId which is very common on iPhone and in general public's normal life. When we try to trigger a more moral dilemma we choose the CCTV system which is also very simple in players' real life so that they can understand the basic game interaction easily. Then we try to put them into a role as a decision maker in the government so that they can realize what is important and the decision-making process makes them think more about the question we want them to think. So, an experience which is exactly the designer wants the player experience should come from the part of the real life which is relevant to the theme of the design goal.

Design Problem:A Simulator or A Game

In the beginning, we design a simulator that we think we want to make the player become an AI so that they can not only understand how AI works and they can make the decision with the input of basic AI knowledge. However, we found out that a simulator is too boring to attract interest from the general public. Besides, we also find out we cannot give a basic response after the player played the game so that they will not pay attention to the information they will get. According to our goal, we decided to make this APP more like a game so that we add a comparison between the players and the AIs in real life. Also, we change the angle of the camera so that the interaction could be more intuitive.

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