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What happened in Tom Clansy's The Division 2

Brief Introduction

Tom Clancy's The Division2 is the newest and best looter shooters game which was published on March 5th, 2019. Looter shooters game means the game combines the RPG element like Diablo3 and shooting game together. The player can both enjoy the shooting games' experience even though they all not a traditional shooting game player like CS: GO, and surprising loot system to build their own characters so that those RPG players who want to experience the modern world will prefer this game. I have played The Division 1 and after 3 years they released The Division 2 and I want to learn and find out how a professional designer will improve their design features in a new game which belongs to a successful franchise.



skill system

In this game, the player can have more choice in the skill system. They can pick up two skills from the 8 skills system, and in each skill, they all have different options which mean when they choose the chemical shooter they also need to decide which specific use they want from poison, healing, fire, and glue.

Mod system

In this game, the designers implemented a new subsystem in equipment system to balance the equipment data so that they can maintain the pool of the loot to make the player experience longer if the player want to make a perfect build.

Class system

In this game, after the player unlocks the open world gameplay the player will have the chance to choose a class to enhance their weapons and options in the battle. However, this class system is very convenient

Control Point system

In this game, the designers implemented a new system called control point system. When the player finishes the encounters they will level up the control point so that they can receive more reward. I think this system can generate the flow because the challenge becomes more and more difficult and the player can show more skills. Besides every time the player finish an encounter the control point level up features will help them set up a goal for themselves. In my opinion, I think it is great if every choice of players is meaningful because the design like this will prove that the game is interactive.


Enemy AI

The enemy AI is very easy to be understood in the game. However, it is still hard for a solo player to have good game experience. There are three types of enemies in this game, normal, veteran and elite. The elite one will have the most health point which means the player has to use all most every ammo to kill the enemy. On the other hand, when the player shoots at the enemy the enemy will also shoot at the player which means the player cannot stay behind the bunker to avoid damages. So that these features will lead to a situation that you and the elite enemy will shoot at each other at the same time. However, only several bullets from the enemy will kill the player. Besides, the enemy AI will also force the elite enemy to find the route to the back of the player which means the player has to face the situation mentioned before, which totally makes me crazy and want to close the game every time I was killed by this way. I think the game designers should avoid the challenges that even though the player know the mechanics of that challenge, he/she still cannot defeat it.

Face Customize system

To be honest, I have no idea why in such a successful game player cannot customize a beautiful girl's face in a game which is released in 2019. I mean, they have the face customizing system but I cannot get a face I want. Maybe the face is not so important in such a game like this. However, I think if the player spends more time in customizing their own face they will stay in the game more often and they will transfer their love to the character to the game. They can experience more if they think they are the character.



The Division2 will have a big patch on the April 5th. After that, I will continue the experience again and try to learn more from the patch because I think this patch will show the designers' thought process which comes from the data from the game market after the game was released.

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