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Hopscotch Hamlet

Part I

Define Hopscotch rules form Wikipedia.(


List some of the things that make hopscotch a good game

1. Players know how to play and win this game clearly

2. Rules are very easy and what can players do is also very easy so that it is very cheap to spread this game

3. It involves physical activity which is very engaging

4. It has good weak protection which means the game’s difficulty will change with the level the lead player faced with

5. It is very easily prepared which means this game do not require any much money or time

6. The game process can be saved quite quickly and easily.

7. You can play alone like practice mode and you can also compete with others which is like PVP mode

8. It is a physical game so that it is healthy for modern kids and people.

List problems with the game of hopscotch that you design might solve

1. The game would be fun for young kids but it would be too easy for adults to play even though it already has the difficulty auto increase system.

2. The game required a big space for drawing the level to play

3. The interest curve is too flat so that players will get bored after they played several times even though there is a PVP mode.

4. Even though the game has PVP mode it is still too boring for players that are waiting which mean it can only hold one player each time

5. There is no interaction between players other players can only wait until their turns.

6. The environment is always stable so that the game will become bored after several times players play the game in the same place.

7. People with disability cannot play this game.

Brainstorm at least fifty ideas about hopscotch. You might also find it useful to brainstorm in four categories: Technology, story, and Game Mechanics, and Aesthetics.

1. Technology

1. Play hopscotch in VR so that the environment can be changed every time, furthermore, it can also produce an environment of universe or paradise.

2. Play hopscotch in AR so that do not need to draw the map and this method protects the surface very well and it can even generate a map on a surface cannot draw a level map.

3. One player PC game hopscotch player can use mouse and keyboard to play the game. Press the button during the exact time so that main character can jump into the next courts and avoid falling down.

4. Two player PC game hopscotch, one player control the left foot and the other player control the right foot, they have to work together to let the main character jump into the next courts and avoid falling down.

5. MMO PC game hopscotch players can play this game on the internet so that they do not need to appear in the same place same time.

6. Play hopscotch on a moving bus and will stop at some station so that the players will struggling in keeping stable.

7. Play hopscotch on several wooden pile and player who fail to stand on the pile would lose. Player has to jump above those piles instead of the flat surface.

8. Play hopscotch on several floating boats and player who fall into water would lose. Player have to jump between a boat with a different number and in the same order as playing hopscotch in the flat surface

9. Play hopscotch on a plane and the surface will slightly move because of the turbulence of air.

10. Play hopscotch under the water so that it is very hard to throw the rock to the destination and it needs more practice, besides jump or swim to an exact place in the water is also difficult.

11. Play hopscotch on a mobile bike and player can jump with the bike to do some special jump.

2. Story

1. One player can be the princess and the other player can be a witch they take turns to move until princess run away or was caught by a witch.

2. Use hopscotch to tell a story every court have one part of the story so that the when the player finished the level they will get all parts of a story.

3. Use hopscotch to continue the story, a player can choose a different event in different courts so that the story will get a different ending, maybe there is a good ending hiding in different courts.

4. When the player arrived some special courts they will get a character so that they have to change the strategy to catch or escape from certain enemies.

5. The player can get a random event from the certain court so that they can use those events to build up their own story and due to the order a are different.

6. Every court has the choice of a story event when a player finishes a court player can make a choice and lead the story to the next stage.

7. Players can collect different elements of the story and use them to combine a story.

3. Game Mechanics

1. Make a big map for 4 players so that they can begin at the same time and the player who finishes the game first is the winner.

2. Play Hopscotch on a non-flat surface so that the difficulties will increase more.

3. Every time player finished courts he/she has to draw a chance card and he has to finish the next courts under the circumstance of the card. For example, close one eye during the next stage.

4. Draw a level map on the wall so that players can use hand to play this game, this method requires a less place for a player to play.

5. Two players hopscotch, one is on the back of the other. The player on the back is in charge of throwing rocks and picking up rocks. The other player only jumps to move.

6. Players can throw a banana peel on the surface when they leave the stage as the trap so that it will change the game a little because they have interactions.

7. Play hopscotch without opening eyes, and if a player who fails to jump into correct courts it will lose.

8. Two players play hopscotch at the same time and they have to hold each hand tightly and they have to jump into the courts at the same time. It is a good game to play with your lovers indeed.

9. Players have to play the game without their hands which means they have to hold a bottle of water and if the water splashes outside the bottle the player lose.

10. Player has to played the game with a fruit. Every time player jump into other courts they have to bite the fruit. If the fruit falls down the player lose. If the fruit still exists during the end the player lose. If the fruit was eaten before player passes the final courts the player loses.

11. A player can hold a toy gun and shoot each other when they are playing and get point after several minutes or player all finished we can calculate the point.

12. Play hopscotch while you are playing juggling.

13. Use hand to shoot rock to the correct position instead of using hand to throw it.

14. A player can throw small rocks to mark some court if a court was marked, the other player cannot enter that court.

15. A player can throw some small picture with direction so that when a player enters the court he/she has to face the same direction as the picture before he moves to the next court.

16. Play hopscotch only on one foot, a player can only stand with one foot.

17. Play hopscotch on a special court that the distance between each court force the player to jump.

18. Silent hopscotch, during playing hopscotch if a player makes noise bigger than a certain number of decibels, the player loses.

19. Hopscotch MOBA, a player can choose several characters and have special skills with each one. When a player finishes a court he/she can get the mana point and use them to defeat each other.

20. Two players as a team, one is the commander the other is the warrior. Commander can set an order let warrior jump to a certain point. When warriors meet each other they can fight by roll a dice. The warrior who loses the dice will move back to a home point.

21. A player can hold a shield when they are playing hopscotch, and other players can use throw bullet to them and player can use a shield to prevent from hitting.

22. When a player is playing scotch they have to answer a question from the awaiting player, if they fail to answer the question they lose.

23. Player has to backward to move to the last courts.

24. Every time a player jumps into the next court he/she has to turn around on the sky.

25. Every court has soccer, when a player enters the court he/she has to shoot the goal with the soccer. Calculate the point player get.

26. Every court has a basketball when a player enters the court he/she has to shoot the point with the basketball. Calculate the point player get.

4. Aesthetics

1. Use different color border of each court so that the map of a game would become beautiful.

2. Draw some special paintings as the map instead of using the group of rectangles.

3. Play hopscotch with music so that players have to move with the rhythm of the music. Just like playing those music games and player have to move at a certain time.

4. Player has to sing a song when they are playing hopscotch if they stop or forget the lyrics they lose.

5. Use glowing material to build the level map and play the hopscotch in the night so the map will become very beautiful

6. Set some fireworks in the courts so that once a player finish a court he can play the fireworks to make the game quite beautiful

7. Use fire as the border of the courts and play hopscotch between them, and when player finish one of the courts the fire of that court will burst.

8. Use plants as the border of the courts and play hopscotch between them.

9. Use water as the border of the courts and play hopscotch between them and when player finish one of the courts the water will become a fountain.

10. Play hopscotch with beautiful background music.

11. Play hopscotch with ballet dance gesture.

12. Play hopscotch with street dance gesture.

13. Play hopscotch in a sculpture gesture. Which means when a player stands in a court he has to do some sculpture gesture for several seconds before he continues playing.

14. When a player is playing hopscotch, they have to recite a poem or reading an article, if they stop the player lose.

15. Color painting hopscotch, a player stands for color and when they cover or jump into court the color of the court will change, an NPC will help players to change the color, use a big 4*4 courts instead of the traditional courts.

16. Each court has their own tune so that when players are playing hopscotch they can build their own music.

Part II

Based on some of your ideas in Part I, come up with at least three ideas for new versions of Hopscotch, and describe them in writing. Choose what you really fell are the most promising candidates for a fun, successful game – not impossible things you could never really play.


First idea Game Mechanics

Two players play together to work with each other to finish their own hopscotch meanwhile they have to hold each other’s hand tightly. Players cannot move when they are in court. When they are hopping through the court in either direction, the player steps on a line misses a square or lose balance, they lose. Player A begins at 1 and Player B begins at 13, the difficulty curve will increase slowly and the most important part is that they have to enter the 7 at the same time and after that, they have to exchange the position to the other side. When player A arrived 13 and player B arrived 1 the game ends. Calculate the time and the next team comes.

Second idea Game Mechanics

Players have to play hopscotch backward. Player 1 begins at 1 and player 2 begins at 12. When player A arrive 12 and Player B arrive 1 the game end and calculate the time. When they are hopping through the court in either direction, the player steps on a line misses a square or lose balance, they lose. A player can decide when to hop. They do not need to jump at the same time. So that they can come up with a method of how to meet each other and avoid being hit by others. Besides, players can try to pass through each other when they are off the ground and it would produce aesthetics photos for players.

Third idea Game Mechanics

Team competition game, each team has 4 players, when one team is playing hopscotch the other team is the attacker. Every player has a bullet to shoot the hopping enemy. A team member can only stand at the attacking position. While hoping teams members all have a shield and they can decide to stay in a court so that they can protect teammates. If one member of the hoping team finish the hopscotch the hoping team wins, otherwise the attacking team wins. If a hoping player was hit by the bullet, they out.

Part III

Take at least one of your ideas from Part II, and:

1. Come up with a complete rule set

2. Try playing it – detail who plays, and what happens during the playtest.

3. Analyze ( in writing) what is good and bad about it

4. Make improvements based upon your analysis, and playtest it again, at least once.

5. Analyze (in writing) the “improved” version or versions

6. Did you game solve the problems you described? Why or why not?


My design goals and target problems:

1. There is no interaction between players so that I want to design at least 2 two players game and during the process, they will help or compete with each other.

2. I try to build a game for two plays that can generate some love element like body touching or close distance.

3. Give an interesting curve to hopscotch so that player can challenge themselves more because the original hopscotch’s interest curve is too flat.

4. Design a fun game that player knows how to play and how to win, besides they can play better after practice.

5. Design a fun game that player will fail much more easily than the original one.



Players: Two players

How to play:

1. Player A begins at 1 and player B begins at 17.

2. When player A arrived 17 and player B arrived 1 the game ends and write down the time they spent.

3. Player A and Player B hold each other’s hands tightly. If the hand's rope breaks they lose.

4. Each court can only limit one foot and players cannot move their foot when they are on the ground.

5. Players do not need to throw markers to the court and they just need to hop through courts.

6. If the player steps on a line, misses a square or lose balance, the time will increase after they finish the courts.


Who play it:

Shawn Sun and Max play it..

What happens during the playtest:

1. Shawn and Max put their hand together before the game begins, and after they begin the games they try their best to keep balance and help each other to keep balance.

2. They communicate with each other so that they can jump at the same time and try to keep the jump distance same

3. The first time when they meet the first obstacle is that they have to put themselves all in 9.

4. After they succeed arriving in 9 they find out it is more difficult to turn around when they have to enter other’s zone.

5. After several times practice, they find out they have to turn around during they are entering 9.

6. After they enter 9, the game becomes easy again because they only need to focus on keeping balance.

What do they feel about the game:

They feel that this game is very difficult so that after finishing they all fell exhausted. On the other hand, this game requires them to cooperate with each other, they have to keep pace synchronous and rely on each other to keep balance. And they feel the most important part is that they have to turn around at the same time and make sure they arrive at the exact position.

Analyze what is good and bad about it.


1. Players interact with each other, they have to communicate when to jump, how far they jump and how to keep balance after they finish jumping.

2. Players feel immersive because they have to focus on jumping synchronously.

3. The rules of a game are easy to understand so that this game still easy to most promising.

4. Players can decide how to tackle the obstacles by communicating and analyze their own strength.

5. It is interesting to watch players fail to keep balance.

6. The game succeeds in producing the perfect romantic atmosphere for players.


1. This game is too difficult when players meet the first and second obstacles and the level design are lack of practice chance for players to learn how to tackle the problem.

2. This game still has the problem that players who are waiting still feel bored even though they can figure out how to solve the problem by analyzing the courts during this period.

3. The rule has to be strict because one of the experience is that player has to relay or help each other to keep balance.

4. Even though there is interest curve the game is still lack of random element to generate more funny points for players.

5. It is not so intensive because players easily find out the solution after several practices

Improvement based upon analysis

First improvement:

1. Change the courts' map so that players will face more challenge before they face the first obstacle. The map is like this:

The difficulties increase during the distance between closer and closer and move position more frequently.

1) Distance same while move in a non-straight direction

2) Distance changes and change one foot to two feet

3) Distance changes and change two feet to one-foot

4) Distance changes closer and moves in a non-straight direction

5) Distance changes closest and change one foot to two feet.

6) Turn around and enter into the same court.

2. Awaiting team can roll 16 dice, players who are hoping cannot enter the court with the number. This improvement can add more random elements to this game. Besides, the players not hoping will look forward to watching how hoping team solves the problem they make on their own.

3. Change the scale of 17 so that in the court player have to choose to hug each other or a stronger male player picks up an+other female player.

4. Change the rules if players break the rules they will leave the courts and save their positions. This will help the team find out a better method to play for the next court. And the game becomes more intensive because players are keeps focusing on game and practice.

Shawn, Max, Jiajun, and Yikai tested this version again even though I cannot find a couple to playtest this game. This version produced funnier moments especially when the first obstacle will change between the different court and the hoping team have to try to solve this situation. I can still remember when Shawn and Max have to avoid 5 which means Shawn have to jump a longer distance than Max so that they prepared a long time to finish this challenge. And Jiajun finds out the solution of the 17 when he is watching SM team failing in 17. Jiajun and Yikai all jump to 17 during turning to the right so that when they arrive in 17 they have changed the direction easily.

Second improvement:

1. More strict rules and the hoping team have to make a move in 10 seconds which leads that they do not have enough time to think when they are in the battlefield they have to follow their hearts to accomplish the court.

Due to the time limit, the switch happened more often so that the game becomes more intensive.

Analyze the improved version

1. This version makes the players more immersive and they are keeping thinking or watching what they have done that changes the situation on the battlefield or how they should do to tackle the obstacles.

2. This version produces more chances for players to train their ability so that they can play better and feels more satisfied in the later game. On the other hand, the attempt they made makes players and audiences all laugh.

3. The game becomes more intensive because of the time element and random challenge made by other teams. Competition and destroy always make satisfaction.

4. The hug court produced more romantic element than the previous version and makes the audience screaming when it happens.

Did I solve the problems I described?

1. I want to design a game that involves more interaction and competition so that it can support more players, this game can support 4 players I think I solve the problem and if I can design a bigger courts map I think this game can support more players but difficulties of this game will definitely increase.

2. I want to design a game that is more immersive and intensive with some random elements than the original one so that the players will feel they know how to play this game and how to win this game. And I think the rule of this game is the same easy as the original one and players can understand easily and know how easily. Because every player knows what they should do and how they should do.

3. I think this game generate the romantic element by body touching and closest distance so that when a couple players this game, they will feel more satisfaction. And I think this game suits those couples very well.

4. I think I want to design a game that has interest curve and I think I design a different court map and with the changes between different courts that produce an interest curve. Because the difficulties change with the hoping process and it will lead to different curve because the random elements I mentioned before.

5. I want to design a game that makes the player fail more easily than the original one because I think people are satisfied and feel this game compiling when they are watching others failures. In this game, it is harder to keep balance because you have to support your teammates and you have to rely on them to support you. Besides, it is also very hard to jump synchronously even though it seems like an easy game.

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